Describe a typical day for yourself.


Morning is the beginning of the day, so it should appeal to wake you up! I have a strict routine consisting: meditation, yoga, self groom, reading 10 pages of an inspirational book, self-love session and exercise.

I am a full-time student as well so that takes up most of my time. Other times, I take up workshops on different topics to improve myself or I would go to social meetings, mostly related to drawing sessions, gaming, meditation sittings, sports and cycling!

I also spend a lot of time myself just being an introvert at home. I see all the Singapore Bay right in front of me from my unit so thats very inspirational for thoughts. I read, write, watch videos on lifestyle etc.

I have a dream diary and I talk to mom on phone almost everyday.

Why did you decide to become an escort?


I genuinely enjoy what I do and I choose to do it. It is quite satisfactory and convenient: I am just being paid for something I was already doing for free with guys who weren't as nice to me as my clients now!


Although it all started with a tragic love incident that turned out to be one of the biggest blessing I have ever had in my life. I will keep the story to myself but it helped that I found out that high class escorts are way different than average prostitutes in low-end brothels. The people I see do not look for just sex, but a romantic, personal experience.


The person who recommended that I see gentlemen told me that she met the most amazing men this way, who appreciated her for who she is and cared for her like noone ever did. Looking back, I can wholeheartedly say this is also the case for me but obviously that's not what i experience on a daily basis, not to forget the timewasters!

Long story short, I genuinely enjoy sex but I mostly had abusive relationships where I always felt like I wasn't appreciated enough, let alone being given money for my time, so i thought, why not?

Where are you from?


I was born in a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern country but I have been traveling around the world since I was 18 and I feel that the the world is my home and I belong to all that I have been to.

Why did you decide to be in Singapore?

I was already traveling and i made a google search on where I should go next and picked up Singapore just like that! I was looking for an Anglophone-corporate-metropolitan area that is different than anywhere I have been before. Singapore is also a very green and safe country with very humble, laid back people - I love it!


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